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Sweet Potato & Rachel's Red Velvet
Two of our most popular paired together!
Sweet Potato Praline
Rachel's Red Velvet

Moist Red Velvet cake with just the right amount of flavor. Topped with smooth cream cheese frosting.
Funfetti Sugar Cookie
Buttery, delicious sugar cookie with sprinkles baked in.
$1.75 each
Pure Vanilla
Milk Chocolate
Light and fluffy, buttery vanilla cake with creamy buttercream frosting. Moist and yummy!
Moist chocolate cake topped with smooth milk chocolate frosting.

Vanilla Funfetti
Milk Chocolate
Raspberry Cream        Vanilla Caramel
Some of our flavors include...
Salted Caramel
Boston Cream Pie
Banana Cream​
Pure Strawberry​        Coconut
German Chocolate
Cookie Dough
Red Velvet Cookie Dough
Turtle Ganache                                Cookies and Cream

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Cupcakes are $2.50 each / $2.00 each for Four or more
Sweet Potato Praline
Fresh baked sweet potatoes mixed into this anytime treat. Topped with cream cheese frosting and praline pecans! One of our most popular!
Espresso Mocha         Chocolate Espresso    Lemon     
Peanut butter Ganache